I am an inspirational speaker with lived experience of bipolar mental illness. I give various talks and workshops to share insights and offer self-motivation to postitive change.

"I lived in a self-made straight-jacket. I transformed that and set myself free "

By speaking out about my story, I find I am breaking down the self-made, thorny prison of secrecy I kept about my mental illness for 16 years.

My Journey is a good place to start to find out more.

 I am very proud to be a champion speaker for Time To Change UK and an ambassador for See Change Ireland.


This is my interview with Anna King on BBC Gloucestershire. We spoke about events around my first breakdown and my life story leading up to why I speak out about my mental illness.

‘Miranda has an exceptional talent for expressing the terrifyingly beautiful highs and lows that many with bi-polar experience. She articulates her personal quest for understanding this condition with passion, clarity and a searing honesty that cuts through anything you may have read in the media or seen on TV about what we used to call ‘manic depression’.
Miranda’s written work is equally compelling and shows a level of insight that those unfortunate enough to have never believed they are gods or goddesses, are unlikely to ever achieve.
If you have the opportunity to hear Miranda speak, go. You will hear more truth in thirty minutes with this wife, mother, dancer, actress and now inspirational speaker, than you will ever find in any book, magazine, film, soap or play.’
— James Wooldridge - South West Co-ordinator Time To Change
“ You genuinely, truly are inspirational. You have the ability to inspire “
— Anna King , BBC Gloucestershire

‘Miranda is a confident and inspiring speaker who is happy to share her mental health experiences with a wide variety of audiences. This openness is the most effective way to tackle the stigma and discrimination that people with mental health problems face. Being a Time To Change champion is a great opportunity to spread the message that ‘It’s time to talk, it’s time to change.’
— - Sue Baker, Director - Time To Change
As a professional counsellor I was thrilled to come across Miranda who talks freely and bravely about her own personal experience with Mental Health. Miranda is a highly engaging,enigmatic and informative speaker with heart.
— Sue Christy - Counsellor, Gloucester