Inspirational speaking


My passion is speaking as an Inspirational Speaker.  I give either a simple talk, an interactive workshop or a mixture of the two.


From There To Here

Overcoming personal adversity,  a spiritual Cinderella journey and how you can become your own Prince Charming.

Why Aren't I Happy ?

Looking at the most basic possible reasons as to why we are not happy and the roots we put down ourselves for emotional and mental failure - and what to do about it.

The Shame Of Truth

Looking at why and how we lie about things we have done, think, feel and the effect this has on us. There ways we can change this, tranform ourselves for the better and enhance not only our lives but those around us.

I also give specialised Mental Health talks


The potential for positive change and transformation is possible for anyone.
I use my personal journey as someone who deals with  a very serious mental illness on a day to day basis as a platform to talk about what can be achieved by changing our minds about ourselves and our world.
I thought I was sentenced to a half-life making do with sporadic and limited bursts of optimism to get me by. But now, I inspire myself. Allow me the honour of encouraging you to do the same.

You genuinely, truly are inspirational ... you have that ability to inspire
— Anna King, BBC Gloucestershire


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