Mental Health Talks

These talks and workshops cover these areas, either individually or as a mixture. If you are interested in asking me to talk about something in detail eg. experience of psychosis, or involuntary admission please ask.  I also give  Inspirational Talks.

* Insights into my experience of  bipolar illness

* Difficulties faced by families, loved ones and friends

* Lived experience perspective for medical professionals

* The positives of speaking out about having a mental illness



July 2014 - Hereford

Time To Change delivered an event management training with Mind and I was invited by Richard Kelly, the chief executive of Herefordshire Mind, to attend in my capacity as a champion speaker. I shared my experiences with Time To Change and on my views of the benefits of speaking out about lived experience with mental illness.


July 2014 - London

I was invited, along with 5 other speakers, to represent over 3000 champions who volunteer to speak out on their lived experience of mental health. This conference brought the entire organisation together, along with affiliated organisations such as Mind, Rethink and Comic Relief amongst others, to focus on delivery of the next phase of the entire campaign.

I opened the conference by speaking about the transformation that has come about in my life by changing my mind and attitude towards my illness and how I deal with it.


May 2014 - Newent , Gloucestershire

I gave a talk to members of my local community and spoke about my personal story, the details of how and why my first nervous breakdown occured as well as talking through help pathways for anyone in need.

I was delighted to be joined at this talk by Richard Kelly, the chief executive from Mind HQ in Herefordshire , and James Wooldridge who is the co-ordinator for the South Western region of the UK for Time To Change. They spoke about their organisations and brought a wealth of information on mental health conditions, awareness and help.


If you would like me to give a talk, please complete the contact form